Center for Family Life in Sunset Park

Holiday Offers from Local Co-ops Developed by SCO’s Center for Family Life

Golden Steps Co-op

Our Center for Family Life’s Co-operative Development Program has been developing local worker-owned co-operatives since 2006. The co-ops we’ve incubated are allied together as the Co-operatives United for Sunset Park (CUSP) to share ideas to mutually support and strengthen each other and the community. As the Holidays are upon us, think of our members for your cleaning, childcare, elder care, dog walking and pet care needs. A gift certificate for our services makes a great present!

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Life Lines Artists Unveil New Mural

CFL’s “Life Lines” Visual Arts Troupe recently unveiled an original piece of artwork at the Dedalus Foundation Gallery in Sunset Park’s Industry City. Students worked collaboratively to create the 8′ x 4′ canvas mural, titled “Capturing Memories,” which depicts images of Sunset Park families along the horizon, from the vantage point of the park – representing the tight-knit Sunset Park community.xEvent Photo1

Read more and see photos here.

CFL in the News

CFL representatives speak at the New York City Council  Public Hearing to discuss how worker cooperative can lift families out of poverty. See the video.

The Trusty Amigos Pet Care Cooperative – CFL’s newest worker cooperative – launched its citywide dog-walking and pet care services in June. Read more about the Trusty Amigos in SCO News, Labor Press and Voices of New York.