SCO Provides Life-Changing Results


  • 112 children ages 2-4 years and their parents completed our evidence-based Parent-Child Home Program concentrating on early literacy, school readiness and parenting
  • In our four Early Childhood Education Centers:
    • 97% of children met or exceeded national literacy performance standards, an increase of 12% from the beginning of the year
    • 97% of children met or exceeded national mathematics performance standards, an increase of 24% from the beginning of the year
  • 148 students in our transfer high schools who were at risk of dropping out graduated with a Regents diploma
  • 340 young adults served by SCO are in college this academic year


  • 2,077 young adults were placed in employment, subsidized employment or internships
  • 89 youth and adults with special needs gained work experience
  • 188 youth and adults with special needs participated in volunteer projects in their community
  • 418 adults became employed heads of households
    • 166 adults found steady work through our employment services
    • 252 adults became self-employed in a cooperative-owned business


  • 63 mothers completed our nationally recognized, evidence-based Nurse-Family Partnership program for first-time mothers
  • 394 children left foster care
    • 106 (27%) children were adopted by loving forever families
    • 288 (73%) children were reunified with their parents who worked hard preparing for their return home

People Served in Six Core Service Areas

In 2016, SCO:

  • sheltered 8,700 homeless youth, adults and children
  • helped 2,500 individuals with special needs develop skills to reach their full potential
  • guided 8,200 school aged students on the path to success through academic, after school, and summer enrichment programs
  • prepared 2,000 young children for kindergarten in our early childhood programs
  • served 1,400 children and young adults in foster care and their families
  • provided 19,000 New Yorkers with counseling and support to build strong families and vibrant communities
People Served: FY16
SCO Core Service Areas # Programs # Locations Individuals/Families Served Total People Impacted
Early Childhood 11 2,044 3,969
Education and Youth 20 8,256 10,170
Shelter and Homeless 5 8,689 8,689
Foster Care 10 1,458 4,632
Family Support 11 18,946 26,760
Special Needs and Behavioral Health 24 2,492 5,841
TOTAL 81 121 60,061
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