A Vibrant Brownsville

United for Brownsville

Ready to Learn.
Ready to Succeed.

Join families and service providers as we reimagine early childhood in Brownsville.

Our Goal: Improve language and social-emotional developmental outcomes for the 3,500 children aged 0-3 living in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The Challenge: Brownsville has a wealth of families and professionals serving young children, but kids here underperform the rest of the City.

  • Fewer than 18% of children in grades 3-8 scored proficiently in English
  • Fewer than 20% of children in grades 3-8 scored proficiently in Math
  • Fewer than 40% of high school students graduated on time

The community wants the best for their children, just like anywhere else.  And so do we!

United for Brownsville believes that families and service providers themselves know best about what works well, what their challenges are, and what should change to make their jobs easier. United for Brownsville aims to help families, care providers, and advocates understand each other’s concerns in order to work together more effectively and efficiently.  Learn more. Visit unitedforbrownsville.org



of graduates at SCO's high school for over-age, under-credited students received a NYS Regent's diploma.

Last year,


children were reunified with their parents who worked hard preparing for their return home