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CFL Co-op, Business Development

The Cooperative Business Development Program mobilizes community members and organizations to develop and launch cooperative businesses. We partner with immigrant and low-income workers to create new pathways to economic stability and opportunities for leadership. We support cooperatives in Sunset Park and partner with organizations that are engaged in incubating cooperative businesses. We offer an in-depth training on cooperative development, tailored support and technical assistance, and ongoing workshops to share learning and best practices.

The co-ops include ‘We Can Do It’, a house cleaning co-op, ‘Beyond Care’, a childcare co-op, ‘Golden Steps’, an elder care co-op and ‘Émigré Gourmet’, a collective business that provides catering services and cooking lessons.

Who Can Benefit from this Program

Immigrant and low-income workers who want to create new pathways to economic stability and opportunities for leadership

How to Access this Program or Service

Contact the program at 718.492.9500

Our Coops

Directory of Worker Cooperatives

This program is associated with...

Center For Family Life

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adults become employed heads of households

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children and teens through academic, after-school, summer and work readiness programs