Academic Program

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Westbrook Preparatory School offers a robust academic program designed to provide rigor within a therapeutic learning environment. The curriculum is aligned with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and students are provided with coursework required to meet New York State graduation requirements for a Regents diploma. All Westbrook students receive daily instruction within a low ratio (6:1:1) setting to ensure appropriate attention to their individual needs as well as the provision of differentiated instruction by our outstanding faculty. Our innovative curriculum content and design reflects the integration of best pedagogical practices and is geared to foster the self-actualization process for all our students. We emphasize constructivist learning approaches, inquiry-based learning strategies, student autonomy, and access to multiple learning modalities. Our classroom environment is structured, nurturing, and filled with multiple opportunities for students to express their creativity and draw upon their unique strengths, preferences and interests.

Academic Program Highlights

  • Access to learning technology via the use of laptops, audiobooks and iPads
  • Annual parent-teacher conferences
  • Array of related services embedded within the school day
  • Availability of school-wide Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)
  • Collaboration with Nassau BOCES in the provision of online coursework
  • Curriculum-based field trips and site visits
  • Daily academic support periods for all students
  • Innovative art and music curricula including  courses in digital music theory and notation
  • Innovative technology curriculum including courses in MS Office suite and Blockly coding
  • Innovative health and wellness curriculum including topics such as self-advocacy, healthy body image and safe dating
  • Local member of National Honor Society
  • Unique 6-week Summer Academy that supplements academics with recreational activities (i.e. hiking) and clubs (i.e. Rocketry Club)
  • Valuable community internships and work-based learning
  • Vibrant school community filled with fun activities and team building opportunities
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Summer Academy

In order to support our students’ positive growth throughout the traditional school year, Westbrook Preparatory School offers a unique 6-week Summer Academy program during the months of July and August. The program is designed to augment our academic program by providing a blended program of academics, athletics and recreational activities that target holistic growth and development during the summer months. Course offerings are diverse throughout the summer and may range from Regents examination preparation to popular electives such as Forensics and Pocket Theatre. During our Summer Academy, students are strategically programmed for courses based on academic requirements and they are also provided their typical array of related services. Academic coursework is supplemented by a range of daily activities that are congruent with student interests and preferences, and provide meaningful opportunities for engagement in community based activities such as internships, athletics, clubs, field trips and summer employment.

Summer Coursework and Activities:

  • Aquatics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Crochet Club
  • Field Trips
  • Forensics
  • Gaming Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Internships
  • Pocket Theatre
  • Regents Examination Preparation
  • Rocketry Club
  • School Newspaper Club
  • Soccer
  • Summer Employment
  • Travel Training
  • Westbrook Talent Show
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Therapeutic Services

Westbrook Preparatory School offers on-site clinical services and therapeutic support from staff professionals comprised of a board certified psychiatrist, a school and clinical psychologist, licensed social workers, and a behavior support specialist.  The therapeutic team works collaboratively with the speech and language pathologist, occupational and physical therapists, educators, nursing, and child care workers as well as families and school districts.  The team works therapeutically to help students develop a sense of understanding and independence so they gain the ability to apply what they learn at Westbrook to daily life at home and in the community.   Westbrook addresses Individual Education Plan (IEP) requirements developed by the Committee on Special Education (CSE), incorporating related services into the school day of the student.

Westbrook provides an environment for the student that is specific to his or her treatment.  Westbrook offers individual counseling, group counseling, positive behavior support plans/techniques, functional behavior analysis and behavior intervention plans, family counseling, bi-weekly parent training and support sessions, and in-home consultation.  The therapeutic staff are creative and flexible in their approach using a variety of techniques and interventions which include cognitive behavior therapy, evidence based treatments, psycho-dynamic therapy, play therapy, task analysis, and modified dialectical behavior therapy, to meet each student’s individual needs. The clinical staff takes every opportunity to support families as the parent and family relationships are paramount to the student’s success.

Counseling Group Examples

Coping Power: The Coping Power Program is an evidenced based intervention designed to increase children’s emotional awareness, social competence, self-regulations, school poling, and positive parental involvement.  

Teen Anger Management Education (TAME):  Using a cognitive behavioral paradigm, this evidenced based group is designed to teach students new skills that will enable them to control their anger in provocative situations and teach students new skills that are necessary to communicate their needs and desires effectively.

Transition Group: This group focuses on developing post-secondary educational and vocational plans, researching colleges and apprenticeship programs as well as employment opportunities. The group explores independent living options by using technology to virtually tour prospective neighborhoods to help students acclimate to areas not easily accessible. The group also focuses on life skills such as budgeting, correspondence, organization, etc.

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Transition Department:

Transition into the adult world can present challenges for young people and Westbrook students often require unique programming and planning. Activities are based on the student’s individual needs, preferences, and interests. Staff works closely with school district personnel and parents to provide individual transition planning for students with the explicit goal of maximizing independence through supervised field work experiences and regular participation in community-based activities.


Adaptation, communication and real world experience are pillars of the academic experience that Westbrook provides. Since its inception, Westbrook has worked to develop strong partnerships in Westbury and the surrounding towns. Current and past internship options include but are not limited to:


  • Arbors Assisted Living
  • Best Buy
  • CVS
  • Hicks Nursery
  • Holiday Farms Grocery
  • Law Offices of Kaplan and Kaplan
  • L.I. Children’s Museum
  • Mineola Library
  • Office of the Mayor of Westbury
  • SCO Family of Services
  • Sew Time
  • Willis Ave. Hobby Shop
  • Young Peoples Camp of Nassau County

Also Available:

  • Adesso Hair Salon
  • Chili’s Restaurant
  • Hot Topic
  • Joann’s Fabrics
  • L.I.U.Post radio station
  • Michael’s Art Supplies
  • North Shore Animal League
  • Old Westbury Gardens
  • Planting Fields State Park
  • Sports Authority
  • St Brigid’s Day Camp
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Residential Program

Westbrook’s Residential Program is one component of a seamless therapeutic program based on the principles that:

  • Communication is behavior and behavior is communication for learning and coping
  • Adaptive skills are learned through functional assessment, task analysis and multiple opportunities
  • Transition begins from the first day
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Behavior Supports are key to teaching daily living skills
  • Evidence based treatment and monitoring are continuous
  • Therapeutic fidelity is practiced across all components

The Residential Program teaches each student the skills necessary for independent living and community integration. Students participate in an array of activities that promote social skill development, independence and reciprocal communication. Shared experiences between students and the dedicated residential staff foster a development of trust, forging relationships to teach during a multitude of opportunities throughout the course of the day. Emphasis is placed on community involvement and transition skills. Activities are both on and off site as active participation and involvement in the Westbury community is a hallmark of Westbrook. Students frequent local restaurants, grocery stores, malls and leisure environments off campus. During these experiences opportunities are fostered for budgeting, money management skills and social skills.

In addition to community and social skills training, each student is assisted in activities of daily living and independent living skills through intensive practice and repetition for skill acquisition. Whether it is laundry, personal health care, nutrition or meal planning skills, daily responsibilities are taught and reinforced in order to increase self-esteem, self-actualization, independence and respect for oneself and others within a community. Daily activities are conducted based on the principles of positive behavior support and cognitive behavioral therapies. Families are trained and supported to apply these same best practices at home.

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Nutrition Services

Westbrook Preparatory School understands that good nutrition is essential when it comes to learning and overall well-being. Westbrook’s staff consists of a Nutritional Counselor to educate and provide support to students on eating healthy, feeling good and general wellness. Students are provided counseling in a group setting where they are taught the basics of nutrition and wellness, while also encouraging peer interaction. Individual counseling is also offered to help students set personal goals and achieve a better understanding of their own nutritional concerns. 

When students graduate from Westbrook, it’s our goal to ensure they have the knowledge and the ability to make their own nutritious meals. Students will learn how to plan, shop for and cook their own meals. Westbrook is only the beginning of their journey; empowering them with a good nutritional platform will go a long way to help make that journey a healthy and happy one.

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