Staff Development

Staff OpportunitiesThe SCO Taft Academy is professional development initiative which improves outcomes for children and youth with special needs at SCO’s 5 residential schools. SCO’s Taft Academy infuses best practices across each campus for all employees including principals, direct care workers, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, teachers, and teacher assistants, merging widely contrasting skill sets and practice methodologies. Setting consistent best practices not only increases staff capacity and performance, but also ensures high quality care for children and youth to help them reach the greatest degree of self-sufficiency and community integration possible.

By providing staff with educational and professional development opportunities, the SCO Taft Academy focuses on developing and maintaining an effective workforce to establish a culture of performance excellence through consistency of practice and interdisciplinary approaches. Staff have been given a range of resources and supports to participate in their professional development, as well as the development of the agency and the youth they work for.

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