Strong Families and Communities

Making Progress on the Road to Success

SCO Family of Services keeps families strong by providing after-school, family counseling, literacy and employment services that support family life. We help struggling families keep their children fed, housed and in school by connecting them to public benefits. We stabilize families in crises, keep children safe and work to prevent hospitalization and out-of-home placement. For children and youth who cannot live at home, we provide foster homes and residential care. Our Community-Based Programs are concentrated in Sunset Park, Bedford-Stuyvesent, Bushwick and East New York, Brooklyn and Jackson Heights, Woodside and Corona, Queens. Brochure

Care Management

SCO Family of Services has introduced a new service called Health Home Care Management to help our families keep their children and young adults healthier.  An SCO Care Manager can help manage and coordinate health care, behavioral health and service needs for eligible participants from birth through 21 years of age. Think of a Care Manager as your point person for everyone involved in your child’s care.

Homeless Services

Long Island Adult and Family Shelters

Madonna Heights provides emergency housing for homeless women and adolescents, some with children. The primary goal of the Madonna Heights’ shelters is to help these women and their families stabilize their lives by providing them with temporary emergency housing and support services in a safe, supervised environment. Locations are scattered throughout Suffolk County, Long Island.

New York City Adult and Family Shelters

We operate homeless shelters throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx that provide individuals and families a safe place to stay. Many of our shelters also offer a variety of on-site services including job readiness, drop-in child care, medical, mental health, and rehabilitation to help residents find permanent housing and prepare for independent living. We also link residents to appropriate neighborhood services that help in their efforts to secure and maintain permanent housing.

Foster Care Services

Family Foster Care

We serve more than 1,500 children and youth who reside in over 800 foster homes across New York City and Long Island every year. We work to ensure that children are safely reunified with their family, placed in loving adoptive homes or confidently set on the path to adulthood. We utilize best practices and we help our families and youth with a variety of support services including Adoption, Homefinding, and onsite Medical and Mental Health clinics. We strive to ensure that all children and youth receive age and developmentally appropriate educational and vocational services; as well as assistance with housing, immigration, public assistance, youth life skills, and overall family enhancement and support.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, fill out our online qualification form.

2-4 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.935.9466
89-30 161st Street, Jamaica, NY 718.526.7533
164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773

Therapeutic Family Foster Care

Our Therapeutic Family Foster Care program provides a higher level of out-of-home family care for children with severe emotional and behavioral challenges who must live apart from their parents for a temporary period of time. Planned services are provided for the child to prepare for living in a permanent home either reunited with their family, with a foster family or through adoption.

1360 Fulton Street, NY 718.636.6826
164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773

Group Residences
Madonna Heights Group Residence
The Madonna Heights Group Residence offers an environment that teaches, strengthens and encourages young women to heal from trauma. Located on a campus setting, it provides 24-hour care in order to address the physical, emotional, and social needs of each girl and her family. The residence includes a wide range of therapeutic services with medical, mental health and substance abuse supports. The girls attend The Madonna Heights School, also located on campus. Brochure

151 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY  631.643.8800

Robert J. McMahon Children’s Center

The Robert J. McMahon Children’s Center (RJMCC) in Nassau County, Long Island serves children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. RJMCC includes a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) which provides 24-hour nursing care, social services and a variety of therapies that help them unlock their potential and achieve as much independence as their abilities allow. Residents of RJMCC attend the Tyree Learning Center, a New York State certified special education school designed to accommodate the children’s needs.

Park and Downing Avenues, Sea Cliff, NY 516.671.1111

Group Living for Youth
These group residences in Brooklyn and Queens provide a supportive home environment for youth in foster care who have multiple challenges including mental illness, substance abuse, alcoholism, delinquency or a combination of these issues. We provide crisis intervention services as well as an array of other supports developed specifically for them.

For youth in foster care with severe emotional and behavioral problems, we provide a structured, therapeutic environment with ongoing care and intensive independent living preparation through an array of services developed specifically for them.

For more information, please call 718.526.7533

Mother-Child Residence


Bethany is a transitional living program for teenage mothers who are in foster care and their children. While living in our Brooklyn or Queens Bethany residences, young mothers finish school and acquire skills that will allow them to become self-sufficient young women who can care for their children.

Developmental Playgroup

Baby & Me

Through the creative use of developmental playgroups, Baby & Me promotes nurturing attachments between birth parents and their young children that are critical to healthy child development. Trained group facilitators use play and discussion to connect parents with their children, deepen their understanding of their child’s development and feel more confident as parents. Each playgroup builds connections among families, creating supportive networks within the community.

Family Counseling


Through a combination of center-based workshops and counseling, SCO works closely with families who have experienced crises and helps prevent crisis situations in the future. We offer individual and family counseling services both on site and at home that help to ensure that all families get healthier and happier starts. These efforts have been highly successful at reducing foster care placements as well as accelerating family reunification when a placement was unavoidable.

1360 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.636.6826
1420 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 718.455.2300
444 Thomas S. Boyland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  718.342.4254

Center for Family Life
443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500

Family Development Center
37-63 83rd Street, Jackson Heights, NY 718.507.0700
70-20 47th Avenue, Woodside, NY 718.803.0200
103-24 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona, NY 718.426.7520

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773

Juvenile Justice Initiative
Our Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) in Brooklyn works intensively with juvenile offenders and their families to change delinquent behavior. SCO operates this Family Assessment Program with the technical support of the MST Institute. The MST Institute assists juvenile offenders in gaining job skills and focuses their attention on school and different recreational outlets, to deviate from delinquent behavior.

For more information, please call 718.526.7533

Mental Health Clinics

Courtlandt Avenue Clinic Mental Health Services

The SCO Courtlandt Avenue Clinic provides person-centered, outpatient mental health treatment services to children, youth, adults and families located in the Mott Haven/Melrose sections of the Bronx. Trained mental health therapists provide individual, family and couples therapies, using trauma-informed and culturally sensitive models. Brochure.

522 Courtlandt Avenue, Bronx, NY 718.312.6480

Monday thru Thursday – 9:00AM to 7:00PM
Friday – 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday – 10:00AM- 3:00PM

Madonna Heights Family Service Clinic

The Madonna Heights Family Service Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic, supporting families as they overcome obstacles and strengthen existing bonds. We offer individual, group, marital, family and play therapies to all members of families living in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

151 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY 631.253.3480

Monday thru Thursday – 10:00AM to 9:00PM
Friday – 11:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday – 8:00AM- 5:00PM

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY  631.253.3480

Monday thru Thursday – 3:00PM to 7:00PM
Saturday – 9:00AM- 3:00PM

Community Services

United for Brownsville

United for Brownsville (UB) is a collaboration between SCO Family of Services and Community Solutions that aims to improve language and social-emotional developmental outcomes for children aged 0-3 living in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Rather than add a new program or service, UB is leveraging the expertise of the community’s families and social service providers from diverse organizations and disciplines, including several SCO programs. These local stakeholders identify opportunities to improve practices, devise creative solutions to challenges in early childhood education and health, and transform relationships in ways that help us meet our goals. When we work better together, children will be ready to learn and ready to succeed.

519 Rockaway Ave., 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

Food Pantries

SCO distributes emergency supplies of groceries through two food pantries in Brooklyn to help provide individuals and families in need through a time of crisis.

Bethany – 164 Suydam Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.574.6300
Center for Family Life – 443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.492.3585

Beacon Community Centers

Beacon Community Centers provide a wide range of after-school activities, workshops, enrichment programs, recreational and fitness activities, as well as evening and weekend services year-round for community residents of all ages. The programs promote individual growth, support family life and create a sense of community and welcome all children and adults living in the community.

Family Dynamics’ Beacon Community Center is located at:
MS 35 – 272 MacDonough Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.453.7004

Center for Family Life offers two Beacon Community Centers at:
PS 1 – 309 47th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500
PS 503/506 – 333 60th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500

Single Stop

Single Stop provides individuals and families with professional consultation and support to address financial, legal and personal issues – all in one familiar, convenient location. Single Stop Centers also provide free tax filing assistance to families with dependent children with incomes of less than $40,000 per year or individuals with incomes of less than $20,000 per year, as well as back filing for the Earned Income Tax Credit for families who were eligible for the benefit and did not file previously. Additionally, the on-site Advocacy Clinic helps individuals resolve issues related to public benefits, healthcare, housing, utilities, taxes and immigration and offers translation services and referrals to other programs.

Center for Family Life Single Stop is located at:
443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500

Center for Family Life Co-op, Business Development
Center for Family Life (CFL) has partnered with community residents to organize cooperative businesses that create living wage jobs in a safe environment. These co-ops also provide social supports and educational opportunities for their members. The co-ops include ‘We Can Do It’, a house cleaning co-op, ‘Beyond Care’, a childcare co-op, ‘Golden Steps’, an elder care co-op and ‘Émigré Gourmet’, a collective business that provides catering services and cooking lessons.

443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500

Center for Family Life Adult Employment

Center for Family Life Adult Employment Services provide job readiness and placement assistance to Sunset Park, Brooklyn residents and meet the hiring needs of employers and small businesses with highly motivated candidates. The free job-readiness program includes resume writing help, interview preparation, computer skills training and job placement. English as a Second Language (ESOL) classes in Spanish and Chinese are also provided.

443 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 718.788.3500

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