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Alisson’s Story

Congratulations to Alisson, East Brooklyn Community High School’s 2024 Valedictorian!

Alisson has been a phenomenal student since arriving at East Brooklyn Community High School (EBCHS) in the fall of 2023. But her journey to academic excellence was not without a few bumps in the road.

Things were going well at her old school until her sophomore year, when Alisson no longer felt safe there. That led to attendance issues which, in turn, had a negative effect on her grades. Alisson didn’t want to continue her downward academic spiral, so she decided to make a change. A friend recommended EBCHS, so Alisson set up an interview.

East Brooklyn Community High School is a transfer high school. Run in partnership with the NYC Department of Education, transfer high schools combine quality academics with intensive support services to promote academic success. EBCHS is a smaller school (200 students) with small class sizes for more individualized attention. Advocate Counselors and Social Workers play a significant role in the school, helping students work through personal issues to be able to focus on their classes. East Brooklyn was exactly the kind of school Alisson was looking for, so she enrolled.

One of the jobs of East Brooklyn, and all transfer high schools, is repairing students’ view of school and education after coming from a negative experience. Teachers and staff need to change students’ feelings about school, so it becomes a place they want to be.

On Alisson’s first day at EBCHS, knew she was going to love it.

“The teachers really care. They really want you to learn the material and they create a positive environment that made me want to go to school,” Alisson said. “East Brooklyn also makes mental health a priority. If you’re feeling stressed, you’re encouraged to speak to a social worker to help get you in a better place.”

EBCHS offers students an accelerated pace, running on trimesters instead of semesters. Always a self-motivated student, Alisson took advantage – learning at an accelerated pace that allowed her to earn 18 credits in one year, giving her enough credits to graduate on schedule.

Alisson also took advantage of the many opportunities that EBCHS offers. She was encouraged to explore her interest in film by taking a film course that included attending the NYC public school Film Festival. She did an internship with the EBCHS film teacher, allowing her to develop her creative skills even further. She worked with the EBCHS Future Focus Advocate Counselor who helped her solidify her post graduate plans and helped her with college and financial aid applications. She developed great relationships with teachers and social workers who were all in her corner, each playing a part in helping her succeed.

After graduating, Alisson wants to become a nurse. She has always loved medicine and she loves working with kids, so she’s hoping to have a career that combines the two – pediatric nursing. Alisson plans to attend Borough of Manhattan College for two years in their nursing program, then transfer to a 4-year college to earn a nursing degree.

Alisson highly recommends East Brooklyn Community High School to any student who is struggling at their current school and who needs the right atmosphere and support to help them succeed.

Alisson is a shining example of what a young person is capable of when they’re in the right place.

“A lot of my peers say I took the opportunity and ran with it,” Alisson said.

We couldn’t agree more.


of 12th graders in Family Foster Care graduated high school; 61% are enrolled in post-secondary education

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