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Carlos’ Story

Carlos (pronoun they, their, them) is an amazing youth who was placed in SCO’s Family Foster Care program over 10 years ago. Carlos has undergone several hardships in their young life, however, they are a resilient youth who has remained focused on their schoolwork. Carlos graduated high school with high honors and is now a freshman attending New York University.

In their senior year of high school, SCO College Specialists assisted Carlos with applying for colleges, the New York State Education Training Voucher for youth in or formerly in foster care, and the Federal Higher Education Opportunity Program for economically disadvantaged students. Carlos currently studies animation at NYU and aspires to a career in movie animation with studios such as Pixar, Dream Works and Disney.

Carlos was nominated and accepted into a Mentoring Program that will support them throughout their undergraduate degree. The Mentoring Program is designed to help talented students find employment, troubleshoot any dilemmas they may face while in college, and prepare them for independent living as they transition to adulthood.

SCO helped Carlos open their first bank account and they are doing well with managing and saving their money. SCO also helped Carlos obtain their driver’s permit and their next step will be learning how to drive.

Carlos is a true SCO success story. We are confident they will hit the floor running and exceed in all of their future endeavors long after their journey with us ends.

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