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CFL’s “Life Lines” Visual Arts Troupe “Capturing Memories” in New Mural

August 27, 2014 / Independent Youth News

Center for Family Life’s “Life Lines” Visual Arts Troupe had the opportunity to present a piece of artwork at the Dedalus Foundation Gallery in Sunset Park’s Industry City on August 14th. High school students worked collaboratively to research ideas, draft images and ultimately create the 8′ x 4′ canvas mural, which depicts a family looking out over Sunset from the vantage point of the park. The mural, titled “Capturing Memories,” depicts students, their families and images along the horizon, representing the Sunset Park community.

“The park symbolizes family, togetherness and memories,” said Stephanie Yu, one of the students. “Sunset Park is a tight-knit community and the mural was created to represent that closeness.”

When asked about the process of collaborating on the piece, one student breezily remarked, “Everyone had their own skills and responsibilities and we helped each other.” Other students said that they have grown closer to each other as a group during the process, and the task sparked their desire to paint and create.

After the unveiling of “Capturing Memories,” students, family members and “Life Lines” staff artists  met for a sparkling cider toast given by CFL Visual Arts Specialist and 15 year “Life Lines” veteran, Jack Rivas. He commended the students’ work and contribution to their community, and expressed gratitude to the Dedalus Foundation for providing supplies and studio space for the artists. The piece itself is a testament to the maturity and camaraderie displayed by the students at the event. When asked how he felt about his participation in the project, student Leeandrew Huertas responded, “I came to Life Lines in October. I’m hooked.”

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