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Madonna Heights Receives Sanctuary Re-Certification

December 18, 2020 / SCO News

SCO’s Madonna Heights Programs have officially received Sanctuary Model Re-Certification. It has been a multi-year journey to establish and embed this trauma-informed approach to the organizational structure and the work throughout our programs. Madonna Heights’ three adolescent programs, Group Residence, Residential Treatment Facility and School, had previously been Sanctuary certified. This year, we’ve expanded the Sanctuary Model to include our Morning Star residences, Community Shelters and Children’s Community Residence to establish a true Sanctuary trauma-informed community throughout all of our Madonna Heights programs.

Sanctuary is about creating safe, compassionate and high-quality trauma informed care for our youth and families; as well as the creation of an organizational culture committed to open communication, non-violence, social responsibility, growth and change, democracy, social learning and emotional intelligence. Madonna Heights is one of a small percentage of organizations to be awarded this distinction.

The re-certification comes from the Sanctuary Institute, recognizing Madonna Heights as a Sanctuary Program, in recognition of exceptional leadership in trauma-informed education, treatment and care. This certification is good for 3 years.

We are proud of our entire Sanctuary community, students and staff, who have embraced this trauma-informed culture and made this re-certification possible. Ten years and counting…”Oh, the places we’ll go!”

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