Special Needs

Unlocking Potential and Finding Success

SCO Family of Services provides expert care to children, youth and adults with special needs through a broad continuum of services that unlock potential and help them lead full and productive lives. Our day habilitation, residential, in-home and campus-based services help each individual integrate fully into the community. Brochure

Residential Programs with Schools

The Christopher School

The Christopher School is a New York State certified special education school that provides a therapeutic and residential setting for children with developmental disabilities who require 24-hour supervision and who have been placed, or are at risk of being placed, in residential schools outside New York State. By providing the right combination of support, guidance and care, the children are able to participate in a safe and integrated educational environment. Located in the Bronx, the school allows the children to maintain close contact with their families and communities. When the youth reaches 21 years of age, SCO provides a smooth transition to a carefully chosen adult placement.

1250 E 229th Street, Bronx, NY 718.405.7060

Westbrook Preparatory School
Westbrook Preparatory School is the first residential New York State Regents junior/senior high school for students with Asperger syndrome, high functioning autism and related conditions who require intensive support in a year-round school setting. Westbrook offers a therapeutic, residential experience integrated with an academic program individually attuned to each student’s unique strengths and challenges. We teach these promising students independence while preparing them for post-secondary education, employment and life in the community. Brochure

Visit the Westbrook Prep website

231 St. Brigid’s Lane, Westbury, NY 516.338.5280

Robert J. McMahon Children’s Center
The Robert J. McMahon Children’s Center (RJMCC) in Nassau County, Long Island serves children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. RJMCC includes a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) which provides 24-hour nursing care, social services and a variety of therapies that help them unlock their potential and achieve as much independence as their abilities allow. Residents of RJMCC attend the Tyree Learning Center, a New York State certified special education school designed to accommodate the children’s needs.

Park and Downing Avenues, Sea Cliff, NY 516.671.1111

Madonna Heights Residential Treatment Facility

The Madonna Heights Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is a therapeutic program that provides the most intensive residential mental health services available outside of a hospital. The RTF Program helps youth increase connections with family, while improving outcomes through a youth informed, family-driven and trauma-sensitive approach to treatment. The 24-hour facility offers a wide range of therapeutic services as well as medical, mental health and substance abuse supports.

The youth in residence attend the Madonna Heights School, a fully accredited New York State Regents junior/senior high school located on the same campus as the RTF that provides a therapeutic educational environment for adolescent girls who are struggling in their home, school or community. Brochure

151 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY 631.643.8800

Ottilie Residential Treatment Facility

The Ottilie Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is located on six acres in the heart of Queens. It is the only OMH residential facility that exclusively serves adolescents and young adults with a serious emotional disturbance as well as developmental delays. The 24-hour facility provides the most intensive residential mental health services available outside of a hospital. The Ottilie RTF offers a highly structured, therapeutic setting that focuses on strengthening family connections, providing a trauma sensitive approach to treatment and preparing the youth to return to their communities. Residents attend the Theresa Paplin School, an ungraded, non-diploma bound New York State special education school.

85-70 148th Street, Briarwood, NY 718.658.4101

Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

Close to Home for Youth with Developmental Disabilities
SCO’s Close to Home Program is a network of residences which provide nonsecure placement for 13-17 year old youth with development disabilities who have been involved in the juvenile justice system. Close to Home provides evidence-based services developed by the Missouri Youth Services Institute that focuses on counseling, structure, education, skill-building and connection to family. Vocational and educational services for these youth promote autonomy through the improvement of functional abilities. Youth demonstrate improvement in literacy, numeracy and other functional skills through an Individualized Education Plan. We offer evidence-based Functional Family Therapy as part of the discharge planning process that includes up to three months of family therapy following the youth’s return home.

For more information, please call 718.526.7533

Group Living for Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Our Extraordinary Needs homes in Brooklyn and Queens provide 24-hour care in a structured, therapeutic environment for youth in foster care with severe emotional and behavioral problems as well as with a developmental disability. We provide ongoing care and intensive independent living preparation with a goal of reunification with family, placement in another family setting, or transition to an adult supportive environment.

For more information, please call 718.526.7533

Intermediate Care Facilities

Located in Queens, our Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) are residences with 24-hour care for individuals with developmental disabilities that provide the highest level of care outside of a skilled nursing facility. A caring staff, including psychologists, nurses and clinicians attend to their physical, emotional, and educational needs. The individuals receive speech, occupational, and physical therapies, and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. They are also trained in all areas of daily living skills, with the goal of making each person as independent as possible.

For more information, please call 631.273.2506

Individual Residential Alternatives

Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) are homes and apartments of 10 or fewer residents that focus on promoting independence and preparing adults with developmental disabilities to become productive members of their communities. These programs provide a nurturing environment in a home-like setting that allows each individual to achieve his or her potential. Individual Residential Alternatives are located in Brooklyn, Queens, and on Long Island.

For more information, please call 631.273.2506

Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives

Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives are one or two bed residences for high functioning adults with developmental disabilities who don’t require 24-hour supervision. Staff members assist residents with medical appointments and continue working with these adults to enhance their independent living skills. Residents often attend day programs or work in the community. Our supportive IRAs are located on Long Island.

For more information, please call 631.273.2506

Medicaid Service Coordination

Our Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program helps people with developmental disabilities live safely at home and in the community with their families in a supportive residence or on their own. Services include facilitating educational, vocational, medical, residential and day programs. An individualized service plan is developed to reflect each individual’s preferences, hopes, services desired and expectations. MSC also links consumers to community resources and assures community integration.

For those people who do not have Medicaid, we offer a Non Medicaid Service Coordination program to help individuals obtain entitlements to assist them in facilitating other in-home or residential services.

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773
161-06 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 718.526.7533

Home and Community Based Waiver

For individuals enrolled in our Home and Community-Based Waiver program, SCO offers a broad spectrum of services that enables adults and children with developmental disabilities to live in the community as an alternative to residential placement. These services include Day Habilitation, Community Habilitation, and In-Home Respite programs.

    • Day Habilitation
      Located in Ronkonkoma, our Day Habilitation program offers adults with developmental disabilities a place where they can socialize, join clubs, volunteer and participate in community activities. They discover areas of interest and develop skills that may lead to a vocational path. Individuals who may not be able to function in a group setting participate in our Without Walls program – where they utilize community inclusion activities on a one-to-one basis.
    • Community Habilitation
      The Community Habilitation program teaches children and adults who are living at home daily living skills and gives them the opportunity to participate in activities that foster independence and will allow them to live in the community successfully.

  • Respite
    This service provides relief to the families caring for someone with a developmental disability. A respite worker cares for the child or adult in their home so their family can take advantage of some time needed to attend to other issues.

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773
117 Comac Street, Ronkonkoma, NY 631.738.9034

Family Support Services

Family Support Services help the families of children and adults with disabilities obtain reimbursement from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to pay for respite, camp, and other services as they relate to their disability. Traditionally these individuals have no other supports provided through Medicaid.

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773

Family Care

The Family Care Program enrolls individuals with a developmental disability into a setting much like foster care with specially trained families who provide support and guidance in a structured, stable environment. The Family Care Program assists provider families with agency administered treatment and support services. This can be a natural progression from the Foster Care System if the individual is developmentally disabled or referred by parents, schools, social workers or other professionals.

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 631.273.2773
161-06 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 718.262.5059, ext. 26

If you are interested in becoming a Family Care Provider, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in our Family Care Program for yourself or a loved one, please fill out this application.

Behavioral Health and Medical Services

Mental and Medical Health Clinic Services for Youth in Foster Care

We provide a full range of medical services for children residing in Family and Residential Foster Care through comprehensive health clinics located in Brooklyn, Queens and Brentwood. Full- and part-time psychologists and psychiatrists provide comprehensive mental health services that include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, psycho-pharmacotherapy, behavior modification and parent training.

Courtlandt Avenue Clinic Mental Health Services

The SCO Courtlandt Avenue Clinic provides person-centered, outpatient mental health treatment services to children, youth, adults and families located in the Mott Haven/Melrose sections of the Bronx. Trained mental health therapists provide individual, family and couples therapies, using trauma-informed and culturally sensitive models. Brochure.

522 Courtlandt Avenue, Bronx, NY 718.312.6480

Monday thru Thursday – 9:00AM to 7:00PM
Friday – 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday – 10:00AM- 3:00PM

Madonna Heights Family Service Clinic

The Madonna Heights Family Service Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic, supporting families as they overcome obstacles and strengthen existing bonds. We offer individual, group, marital, family and play therapies to all members of families living in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

151 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY 631.253.3480

Monday thru Thursday – 10:00AM to 9:00PM
Friday – 11:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday – 8:00AM- 5:00PM

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY  631.253.3480

Monday thru Thursday – 3:00PM to 7:00PM
Saturday – 9:00AM- 3:00PM

Bridges to Health

Bridges to Health serves children and young adults with special needs (seriously emotionally disturbed, developmentally disabled, and medically fragile). Youth must be admitted while in foster care but can maintain services upon discharge until the age of 21. An array of services is provided to both the children and their families in order to keep them in the home and connected to the community. Brochure

1360 Fulton Street. Brooklyn, NY 718.363.7490
151 Burrs Lane. Dix Hills, NY 631.253.3504

Children’s Blended Case Management

This program provides intensive and supportive case management services for families with children who have a serious emotional disturbance. The goal is to keep children with their families and avoid having them placed in residential programs or hospital settings.

1420 Bushwick Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 718.452.2128

Home and Community Based Waiver Office of Mental Health

SCO helps families with children that have a serious emotional disturbance and wish to keep their children at home by offering a broad spectrum of services. Without these services, children would most likely need to be placed in an inpatient hospital setting or a Residential Treatment Facility.

1420 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 718.452.2128
151 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY 631.253.3480
89-31 161st Street, Jamaica, NY

Supported Single Room Occupancy

The Supportive Single Room Occupancy (SRO) is a residence located on the Ottilie campus in Queens for young adult men and women with both a developmental disability and a serious emotional disturbance. These young adults are not yet ready to make the transition from a structured Residential Treatment Facility or hospital to community-based living and need extra support to make that transition successful. This program is complimented by the Outreach Service Center which provides employment and entitlement assistance along with other supportive services for the SRO residents as well as other dual-diagnosed young adults living in the community.

85-70 148 Street, Briarwood, NY 718.262.8720

Crisis and Planned Respite
This program provides timely respite services for families in Queens coping with children who have a serious emotional disturbance. The child is temporarily placed with a respite family so their family can take advantage of some time needed to attend to other issues. Brochure

85-70 148th Street, Briarwood, NY 718.262.8720

Children’s Community Residences

Our Children’s Community Residences, located in Queens and Long Island, provide a structured, supportive, home-like environment for adolescents who are ready for discharge from higher levels of care such as Residential Treatment Facilities and psychiatric hospitals, but are not yet ready to return home. While in our program, they learn the skills necessary to live and function as active members of the community.

Substance Abuse Recovery
Morning Star I

Morning Star I, located in Suffolk County, provides single women in recovery with a safe, supportive, home-like structure focused on helping them to develop a drug and alcohol-free, self-supporting lifestyle. The program offers an environment that teaches, strengthens and encourages women in the recovery process. Brochure

151 Burrs Lane. Dix Hills, NY 631.643.0849

Morning Star II
Also in Suffolk County, Morning Star II is a residence with a safe, supportive, home-like structure where mothers recovering from alcohol or substance abuse live with their pre-school age children. The program reunites these women with their children and teaches them good parenting practices as they progress towards a full recovery. Brochure

151 Burrs Lane. Dix Hills, NY 631.643.6663

SCO Staff Development

Taft Academy
Through participation in the SCO Taft Academy, made possible with a generous grant from the Taft Foundation, our staff are improving outcomes for children and youth with special needs at SCO’s five campuses where youth reside and attend school. SCO professionals are enhancing their skills and performance through the Taft Academy’s educational and professional development opportunities, and establishing a culture of performance excellence through consistent practice and interdisciplinary approaches. Brochure


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