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Revolution in Progress – Finding Peace through Writing

June 21, 2022 / Independent Youth News

Maurice, a youth in SCO’s Close to Home program, loves to express himself through his writing. Close to Home is a network of residences for 13-17 year-olds involved in the juvenile justice system that provide counseling, structure, education, skill-building and connection to family.

Maurice recently entered a contest through the Prison Education Project for at-risk youth who are/were directly impacted by the judiciary system. He decided to write and self-publish a book about his personal life struggles that he titled “Revolution in Progress”.

In the book, Maurice highlights the importance of education, realizing as he gets older just how key it is to success. He talks about his future goals and desires. He describes how the world can be a cold place and the impact that the people who’ve supported him along the way have had on him. Maurice encourages people to live their lives in a happy space instead of sadness and implores them to block out war and embrace peace and love.

We applaud and embrace Maurice’s gift of writing and his willingness to share it with others and wish him greater growth along the way!

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