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SCO Family of Services Recognized by Brooklyn Defender Services for Helping Fathers in Brooklyn Reconnect with Their Families

July 16, 2019 / SCO News

sco family of services program recognized by the brooklyn defender servicesBrooklyn Defenders Services honored SCO for their comprehensive Fatherhood Program that provides support and parenting classes to fathers in Brownsville, Bed-Stuyvesant and East New York.

Brooklyn Defender Services honored SCO Family of Services for the success and widespread influence of its Fatherhood Program. The award was accepted by Fatherhood Program Director and longtime criminal justice advocate, Keston Jones.  The program supports men who have previously been absent from their families’ lives or are currently involved but feel they could use additional resources to help them connect. The ceremony took place at Brooklyn Defender Services’ 2019 Family Defense Benefit.

SCO’s Fathers’ Program is a free parent support program that helps fathers reconnect with their children and develop essential parenting skills through classes, workshops, and support groups. The program provides a supportive environment where fathers can feel safe to share their concerns and learn from one another.  Brooklyn Defender Services works with SCO to place individuals with active child welfare involvement, and those impacted by the criminal justice system, in the program. To date, the program has had over 250 graduates. This is the third recognition the Fatherhood program has received since its creation in 2018, including being named Fatherhood Program of the Year by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development for the past two years.

The next class series will begin on Wednesday, July 10th. The 10-week parenting course will be conducted in partnership with Man Up! Inc. and offer free refreshments and Metro Cards to participants. Topics for discussion will include a father’s role in disciplining children, working with mom on co-parenting, what it means to be a man, showing and handling feelings, and anger management. The classes run from 5: 00 pm to 8:00 pm and are held at 876 Schenck Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11207. For more information contact Fatherhood Program Director, Keston Jones at [email protected]

“I am honored and humbled that SCO’s Fatherhood Program has been recognized by Brooklyn Defender Services. Our collaborative efforts have uplifted the community and empowered hundreds of men to go on to be active fathers and husbands. I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”

Keston Jones, Fatherhood Program Director, SCO Family of Services

“There are many parenting resources aimed at mothers, but few programs designed just for fathers. SCO Family of Services’ Fatherhood Program is one of our most impactful parenting programs for men living in Brownsville, Bed-Stuyvesant and East New York. Although the program is only two years old, it has seen an overwhelmingly positive outcome for its graduates. We are grateful to the program’s funder, the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, and we look forward to the program’s continued growth and success.”

              -Keith Little, Executive Director, SCO Family of Services

“People face many collateral consequences after an arrest, even after their cases have been resolved. An arrest can lead to loss of housing, employment, income stability, and in some cases access to their families. SCO’s Fatherhood Program helps men overcome these challenges and address the traumas they’ve faced in the past to help them become engaged fathers. Keston has been an outstanding mentor and teacher to the men in this program.  He is a patient and understanding leader and we thank him for his hard work and dedication over the last two years.”

               -Lauren Shapiro, Director of Brooklyn Defender Services’ Family Defense Practice

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