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A Peek Behind the Scenes of “Sherri”

June 13, 2023 / Independent Youth News

A young adult in SCO’s Forward Journey program recently attended a taping of “Sherri,” Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show, in Manhattan, accompanied by SCO’s Mentored Internship Program Coordinator.

This was his first experience on-set as a member of a live studio audience. He got to see what happens behind the scenes as shows are taped and he documented his experience to share with others.

When they first arrived, they were seated in a waiting room. Then, right before showtime, they were led to the studio where they were seated in the audience, waiting for the show to begin. The first thing he noticed when they entered the studio were the T.V. cameras. While there were several, it wasn’t nearly as many as he was expecting for a live television show.

Prior to the show, a member of the production team got the audience warmed up, instructing them when to clap, stand, or sit. They were asked to laugh or smile whenever Sherri Shepherd made a joke. He continued to guide them throughout the show.

During the commercial breaks, as Sherri and her guests, Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” received makeup touchups, a DJ would crank up music and interact with the audience to keep them entertained and upbeat.

After the show, Sherri walked over to the audience and thanked them for attending. She made them feel appreciated.

Our Forward Journey participant enjoyed attending “Sherri.” Going in, he was skeptical that he would like it, but it turned out he really did. Not only was it a completely new experience for him, but it also took him out of his comfort zone, something he pushes himself to do.

“This is the kind of experience other youths should be able to have,” he said.

SCO’s Forward Journey program gives young people in foster care the supports they need to reach their potential. It provides a variety of opportunities, like the “Sherri” taping, throughout the year.

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