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Clinical Services

The clinical team at Westbrook Preparatory School is comprised of licensed social workers, behavior specialists and a school psychologist. Counseling services a comprised of several different treatment modalities, and our clinicians routinely complete professional development courses and continuing education classes in order to stay current in the clinical field.

All students receive individual counseling twice per week and group/social skills therapies once per week. Our clinical staff works with our students to develop appropriate emotional regulation skills, learn coping strategies and communication skills, as well as, acquiring the ability to advocate for themselves and build up their self-esteem and confidence. In addition, students receive weekly speech and language therapy, to work on language pragmatics, and may receive occupational and physical therapy as needed.

During the school year, from September to June, Parent Training and Counseling sessions are facilitated by the clinical team twice per month. Parents are encouraged to work closely with their child’s assigned clinician, who will establish weekend/home visit schedules, plan quarterly treatment planning meetings and maintain communication between the student, family and the WB treatment team.

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Westbrook Preparatory School

Westbrook Preparatory School is the first residential New York State Regents junior/senior high school for students with a classification of Autism, Other Health Impairment, or Emotional Disability and related conditions. Read More


of 12th graders in Family Foster Care graduated high school; 61% are enrolled in post-secondary education

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