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Jackie Tyree Kos’ Story

I began volunteering at SCO’s Madonna Heights program in 1972, when my parents, Bill and Barbara Tyree, got involved. Then twenty-five years ago, I volunteered to start a 4H program for the girls at Madonna Heights. That 4H program is still going on and I look forward to Monday nights, bringing snacks and a special activity for the girls. Of course, for us it is still a family affair, and today, my daughters and my daughter-in-law are all Madonna Heights volunteers, too.

Why I support SCO

I was inspired by my parent’s commitment to SCO, and for many years I just pitched in and helped them with their projects. But it was only when I started volunteering directly with the girls that I came to fully understand what a difference a volunteer can make. The girls at Madonna Heights are just like all kids their age: they need love and support, but they just don’t always have easy access to those things. When I meet them later as successful adults, I can see what a difference love and support can make.

What I love about SCO

The programs and staff at SCO are amazing. It’s exciting to be involved with an agency that is doing so much good for so many people… like the young women who periodically see me and still remember what a difference we made in their lives.

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