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Dear Ms. Jill Martin and Mr. Keith Little,

Thank you for hosting the event Ms. Martin, and thank you Mr. Little for explaining the organization’s mission and how SCO help raise needed donations during the Pandemic. It was interesting to hear the Boards perspective of resilience, see the kids dance and singing performances and Kalani’s drawing and talents. Being on the front lines showed that you have a positive career readiness for the future. Partnership with Madison Square Garden seem is great for opening doors of career opportunities, though many changes are being made with the attendance in the stadiums: that is going to take major planning, though with change comes opportunities. Good luck getting the funding, connecting with people that support your cause and obtaining the technologies and food services. I hope for the right partnerships and collaborations that lead to your success. If you are looking for a volunteer, please contact me.


Theodore Karabetsos Jr.

Children in our NYC shelters had a


attendance rate at NYC DOE schools


of eligible residents at our Dix Hills Residential Treatment Facility participated in work, internship, or volunteer activities

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