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United for Brownsville Plays Key Role in Robin Hood’s “Fuel for 50” Initiative

September 20, 2021 / SCO News

SCO’s United for Brownsville staff and Family Advisory Board members have been invited to participate in the selection committee of Robin Hood’s exciting new Fuel for 50 initiative. Through Fuel for 50, Robin Hood will be giving away 50 grants of $25,000 to local nonprofits that do work that supports families with children aged zero to three years old. Grantees will also receive access to workshops with experts in early childhood and nonprofit management, and opportunities for more than $1 million in future funding.

Eligibility for Fuel for 50 is unique in that it includes any nonprofit that supports important adults in the lives of children 3 and under, even if they don’t directly interact with children. This could include organizations like mutual aid networks, immigration advocates, childcare, mental health providers, food pantries, and more.

“United for Brownsville is excited that we and some of the parents we work with will be part of Robin Hood’s Fuel for 50 initiative as it reflects our efforts to place a premium on lived experience and parent perspective when making decisions about how resources flow into the communities they live in,” said Kassa Belay, Co-Director of United for Brownsville. “This participatory approach is now making its way into philanthropy and grant-making that affects Brownsville and sister communities.”

For more information or to apply for Fuel for 50, click here.

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