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Madonna Heights Wins Sanctuary Institute Resiliency Award

October 26, 2021 / Madonna Heights News

Madonna Heights Staff

SCO’s Madonna Heights programs won the Sanctuary Institute’s first ever Resiliency Award. The Resiliency Award recognizes and honors the tremendous work of organizations who have come together to support one another as well as their communities during the historic and challenging year of 2020.

When the pandemic hit New York and much of the state shut down, Madonna Heights programs remained open. Residents were quarantined for months without any physical contact with their families and loved ones.

With a heightened awareness of social responsibility, all staff took on varied roles – regardless of title or position. Programs shared staff, information, supplies, and much needed comradery and encouragement with each other, residents, and families, even when struggling with their own fears and personal losses. Madonna Heights continued to be a community of healing.

Through months of isolation, new ways were created to support family connections. Cell phones, laptops and iPads were procured and used so residents could have daily virtual visits with their loved ones. Virtual events were created to support individual and group family fun and wellness. Food donations and deliveries were provided to families in need. As COVID restrictions eased, outside visiting locations were set up and eventually a COVID-safe indoor visiting area was created to support family visiting for all of the on-campus programs.

Throughout the pandemic, Madonna Heights staff embraced the collective strengths of their programs, clients, and families, adjusted to a new normal, and looked ahead to a future beyond the pandemic.

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