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Recreation Program

Westbrook offers a vibrant and varied recreation program designed to broaden our students’ interests as well as encourage social interaction and interest-based friendships.  Our program is designed by a recreational therapist and consists of two main components, daily activities and full weekend schedules.

Each afternoon students participate in engaging activities that take place either on campus or out in the community.  These activities are exceptionally wide-ranging and include physical, intellectual, imaginative, artistic and musical opportunities.  This wide variety supports existing leisure pursuits, offers opportunities for growth and development, and keeps each month’s recreation calendar fresh and exciting.  Additionally, recurrent activities are offered each evening.  These include visits to a local gym for those students who would like to work out, visits to the local public library, and a weekly open mic night at local music spots for our music lovers who enjoy performing or spectating.

Weekend recreation allows for longer day excursions to a variety of sites on Long Island, Queens or Manhattan.  These trips are arranged specifically for the students who will be spending the weekend at Westbrook and accommodate their interests and needs.  Our recreational therapist, along with residential counselors, accompany our students on these outings to ensure safe and enriching experiences.

Examples of other recreational activities include:

  • laser tag
  • rock climbing
  • local walks
  • movies
  • swimming
  • arcade
  • HorseAbility
  • Zumba
  • pottery
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • local fairs
  • and so much more!

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