Wonder With Me

Wonder With Me (WWM) is SCO’s Infant Mental Health initiative. Our workshops provide staff and community members training on infant mental health and teach the importance of mental wellness in infancy and early childhood to support long-term wellness.

WWM believes that each of us, regardless of our role, benefits from a deeper understanding of how these critical first years can impact us for a lifetime.

Want to learn more? Watch our videos and sign up for an upcoming training by emailing [email protected]

Upcoming Trainings & Events:

April 30th – Temperament and Sensory Integration: 10:00-11:30: In this training, we will focus on the various areas that make up a child’s temperament and sensory experiences and how better understanding these things, impacts how we respond to each child. (CEU’s offered)

May 28th-Using An IMH Lens 10:00-11:30– In this section, participants will bring topics that they are challenged by and we will work to integrate an IMH lens, reflecting on what we have learned and sharing the next steps for our work, our program, or our caregiving. (CEU’s offered)


Wonder With Me has also created a series of videos to help spread the word about Infant Mental Health. Take a look!

“Tiny Moments”
Did you know, in their first three years, a child’s brain is making more than a million connections a second? That’s more than any other time in our lives! Interacting with your baby during the first three years is important to promote good infant mental health.

Did you know our temperament is not something we choose, it’s just how our brains are wired? When we get to know a child’s temperament, we can care for them more effectively.

“Play Matters”
Did you know we’re biologically built to play? Through play, our brains make important neurological connections, starting from day one! Play is essential in helping us learn and grow.

“Early Caregiver Impact”
Did you know that the ways our early caregivers made us feel may have impacted our brain and body development? We have the choice to pass along the good in our early childhood experiences and leave behind what we want to do differently.

“Early Experiences Matter”
Did you know that experiences in our first years of life have a big impact on our mental health, relationships, and even physical health? The earlier we support kids, the better.


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