Selena’s Story

Selena first came to SCO’s Scattered Site Supportive Housing Program, in August 2017. This program provides housing and transitional services for young adults who have been in foster care and are at-risk of homelessness. Selena, who had been in foster care since age 9, was dealing with a lot of family and personal issues. She was feeling frustrated and depressed. The tipping point came when her biological father passed away.

As a way to help cope with her loss, Selena decided to write a book about her experience. She hoped sharing her experience might inspire others…turning her personal tragedy into something positive. Ever resourceful, Selena wrote her entire book on her cell phone and uploaded it onto Amazon where it is currently sold as a Kindle format e-book.

Selena’s entrepreneurial spirit had been unleashed. Following her book, Selena developed her own podcast where she talks about life issues and how she has dealt with them in the hopes of motivating others. Since establishing her podcast last year, she has attracted over 20,000 followers worldwide.

She didn’t stop there. Selena then decided that she wanted to sell merchandise with inspirational messages. She started her own online t-shirt company – printing, packaging and shipping orders out of her apartment.

Selena has found her calling. She has found healing through sharing her story and inspiring others and she has experienced personal growth in the process.

SCO staff are encouraging her to utilize her abilities and resilience to pursue her education. In doing so, Selena will be able to use her knowledge to promote and expand her budding enterprises and find other employment opportunities to help her as she transitions to independent living.

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Ways to Help

COVID-19 is challenging the way we do things, but we won’t let it stop us from helping the 60,000 New Yorkers who are counting on us. Our staff are on the front lines, working around the clock, behind the scenes with one focus – unwavering support to those who need us more than ever.

There’s lots of good to go around. Here are some ways you can partner with SCO to offer support:

IN LIEU OF EVENTS – In an effort to support the city and state guidelines related to social distancing, we are postponing several of our fundraising events. Updates have been posted on the SCO website. These events typically generate nearly half a million dollars to support SCO’s efforts where they are needed most each year. Now more than ever, we invite you to help us maintain the relentless support with an online gift

ONLINE SHOPPING – We’ve had to send staff home and cease collecting in-kind donations at our offices. However, you can help us get diapers, gloves, sanitizing supplies, board games and indoor activities directly to our program sites. You can even send in gift cards for families with lost income. Shop online at: Target Registry Amazon Registry Walmart Registry

TECHNOLOGY – While the world is adapting to virtual meetings and remote work, we have thousand and children and families in our care who may not have the needed items to practice social distancing. Our staff are working to offer tele-visits to clients, college students are home from school and need access to digital devices, and parents may be home and unable to work without a remote setup. To ensure we can reach as many as possible, mobile devices are needed such as iPads and laptops.

ORDER DELIVERY – Help us continue to provide meals and fresh groceries to New Yorkers most impacted by COVID-19, and support local restaurants and small businesses too!  Join donors who have already reached out to support by ordering food and having it dropped off right where it’s needed. We’ve partnered with food-delivery vendors like DoorDash to provide our clients with food-delivery. You can empower our families to order food and support local restaurants and grocery stores by clicking here to donate to our food delivery fund.

CORPORATE SUPPORT – Is your employer or business looking for ways to get involved? Contact us to discuss ways your staff can volunteer from home and offer hope to our clients.


There is so much you can do from wherever you may be. Connect with our team today to find out how you can support our SCO Family during COVID-19. To reach us, please call (516) 953-1872 or email us at

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Selena’s Story

Creating Opportunities

Selena has found her calling. She has found healing through sharing her story and inspiring others and she has experienced personal growth in the process. Learn More

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